How To Choose The Right Kind Of Fabric For Your Quilt?

How To Choose The Right Kind Of Fabric For Your Quilt?

Designing and creating your own quilt isn’t much of a complex job if you know to stitch and assemble fabric. The important factor that however matters the most is establishing a solid based, and in this case it is the fabric you choose. Here are some tips to help you choose the ideal and right fabric for your quilt project.

The go wild with color

When it comes to wholesale fabric Sydney you really don’t have to limit yourself and your inner child, from playing with colors. Quilts are all about having things interesting and fun. And so, having a combination of colors that come together to create one huge blanket is ideal for such instances. Pick up little interesting fabric pieces you come across, and make sure to hold on to them. So the next time you decide to be creative by exploring your talent on quilt making, you can certainly include these to create one of kind masterpiece. Remember, that they don’t necessarily have to match, nor be of the same pattern! The more different it is, the better the final outcome would be.

Choose good cotton

When it comes to looking at the overall fabric that you intend on using to create that australiana animal prints quilt, make sure that you only go for the quality cotton fabrics. If you go for the less quality kinds, then the lifetime of your quilt could also be questioned and so there is a high chance that it would most likely fall apart after a wash or two. So do think wisely when making the initial investment on purchasing these.

Be open minded

We all have favorites, so it is only natural that we would bend towards them. And so even when it comes to colors, there is a tendency where we would only pick out our favorites and unknowingly disregard the rest of the colors on the color palette. However, this shouldn’t be done. While it is perfectly alright to go ahead with your favorites and have them incorporated in to this project, to create a better outcome from this project, it would be better to equally consider the others too. In other words, be open minded with the color choices.

Include a range

Like mentioned previously with regards to colors, when it comes to fabric texture and patterns, make sure to keep your options open in to incorporating a combination of these. This way a much more unique piece could be created, with a blend of styles!

So consider the above factors and choose the ideal fabric and color shades to design your quilt today!