How To Make Bath Time Fun For Children

How To Make Bath Time Fun For Children

Many parents would have observed that children are likely to show two extreme emotions at the mention of bath times. There are some children who completely adore the time they get to spend in the bathtub pretending to be pirates or mermaids. But, there are also other children who despise bath time almost as much as they hate going to the dentist. However, bath time does not have to be despised this much because it is possible to make it fun. However, parents may now be wondering what I’m talking about. Therefore that is where the following article comes in.

Walk to the Bathroom

Many parents may be having an extremely difficult time not only getting their children into the bathtub but also when getting them into this room. Thus the first thing that parents can do is avoid talking about bath time as a chore. For instance, if your son or daughter is always trying to emulate you then you can consider purchasing them some kids towel robes. That is because they could then adorn this outfit when entering the bathroom or when leaving it.

Furthermore, after bath time instead of giving the child a stiff rub down, you could instead attempt to purchase a hooded towel. This would make getting out of the bath and getting dry a fun activity.

Bath Games

For me, one of the favourite things about bath time is the endless games that we get to play. Therefore instead of merely giving your child a rubber duck parents can strive to look for other types of games. For instance, if your child likes to paint you can purchase bath time watercolours and ask them to paint. Furthermore, you could have a different game every night. This means that one day you could pretend like your little girl is a mermaid while on another day you could place some coloured ice in the bathtub. This way the water would be coloured and you could ask the child to try to catch the ice cube. You also play normal games such as ‘I-Spy’ during bath time. In order to do this, the parent can simply proceed to place different items in the bathroom and ask the child to guess what these are. Furthermore, as every child adores bubbles you can blow some bubbles in order to make this experience magical for them.Many parents would consider bath time to be a stressful and overwhelming task. But if they strive to follow the aforementioned tips they would realize how fun it could really be.